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yes, yepp, yup, what ever you think by meaning to say yes.
(yes, or no?) yepperdoodles
by Brittaney Stracke March 19, 2005
the same as the wprd :yes: but by saying :yepper doodles", you are expressing a happy emotion, as if you want the person that you are saying it to, to know that you really mean yes!!
<mom> do you really want to go to this party???

<son> yepper doodles!

<mom> well...... ok, you can go *under her breath* you bastard

<son> what did you say?

<mom> nothing......nothing.....uhhhh have fun!!!!
A synonym for the words ok, alright, yep or yup ect. It is a creative way of expressing agreement. Only certain people (amazing people) are aloud to use this word. Others (non-amazing people) are not aloud to use this word. Sorry.

Common misspellings: Yupper Doodle, Yeper Dodle, Yep Dod
So, do you like elbows?
Yepper Doodle!
by TheAmazingEmmz December 11, 2012
Another word for yes, of course, or yessir
PERSON #1 - "Are you okay?"

PERSON #2 - "Yepperdoodles"
by kbobski April 17, 2009
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