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Typically used by Aboriginal kids to mean "NOT". It's actually a combination of yes and no. It's also used in the same context as 'nt.
Arthur: 'cous you comin'?
Jason: yent
by Kaister December 06, 2005
Yent (yeah-nt) - not or no.

If someone you can't stand says- "you know me, I'm a good guy right?" you say "Oh yent!"

Your job calls and says "come in an hour early even though there's 2 ft of snow on the ground" you say "YENT, right away!"

You may also add 'NT to any word. Like - "that's pretty cool'NT!"
by SCUMRUDY October 18, 2011
Steming from a cross between 'Yes' and 'Not', 'Yent' means no. Often but not always used when more than a simple 'no' is required.

Several variations exit, namely 'Unt' which is a more powerful version of 'Yent'
Coming up town on Monday?



Mate she's really fit.

by Marchy1337 August 17, 2009
is a very bad thing, event, or situation. Yent is interchangeable or substituted for words like shit and ass.
I feel like total yent.

I was pulled aside and searched at the airport.; they had someone feeling me up and yent.

I'm laughing my yent off right now! Security let me go through scott free.

That's some crazy yent!!
by EveryonesHero June 11, 2010
a woman with proclaimed high morals, but an offset method of application.
Known to wreck the lives of those around her.
"I thought she was a really great gal, but she sure YENTED me good.
by Stephen G. September 15, 2003
yents is yes and not combined into one word.
by BellaJames November 24, 2010
A sound a dorky kid makes in an unsuccessful attempt to be cute.
Kim: "Cristi, did you break the picture window?"
Cristi: "Yent."
by Latisha June 09, 2002
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