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Gorgeous brunette mainly from Argentina or Uruguay. They use to smile too often and have a so sexy look.
Hey, look at that yemi walking down the street.
by Robert Sick January 18, 2007
a super light skinned really smart girl sorta funny has cocky moments and you would say is tall a great friend and are amazing kisser
whos dat chick she looks like a yemi
by arron greeg June 24, 2012
A Girl Who should really be in your friends list, if not, your life is not complete, she might have problems with a relationship because there is not the right person available yet
She is the kind of girl who likes a boy who doesn't like her back so she struggles to get over the prick.
A girl who has her mind on money, getting money and being independent.
A very preety girl, but doesnt think she is preety, but she osnt what society labels as preety
omg look shes sooo preety but not the kind of preety that it can be rated she looks very independent she must be a Yemi
by oiFam June 25, 2012
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