daddy's little helpers: cialis and viagra;
The old dude was trying to get some street cred with his pole dancer but couldnt get it up. Presto change-o, he took a little blue Viagra or popped a yellow Cialis and he was ok with the stripper. Then the old fat dude started talking about the tatoo he was getting. Stripper was interested in the money; whatever.
The old dude was trying hard to show he had street cred, but found he couldn't even get it up for the pole dancer. Presto, change-o - a little Viagra cured his Blues. Sometimes he took along the yellow Cialis. He was old and fat, so just in case he always packed his yellows and blues before a night out. He was hard for the stripper - but she was into it just for the money.
by swami04 January 07, 2008

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