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1 shot Tanqueray Gin
1 shot Caravella Limoncello Originale d'Italia
Sunkist orange soda
powdered sugar
maybe a little lemon juice for tart
serve chilled in the most elaborate martini glass you can find

"Synaesthesia" is when one senses blend, smelling sounds, tasting colors ect. often experienced by taking LSD or being completely insane. This drink is like a combination of yellow and orange (orange the color and the fruit)
Invented in New Paltz, New York by Tim B. in October 2005
Hey, you wanna try a yellorange?

What the hell's that!?

Dude, it tastes like orange and yellow.

by Timothy Berenato July 01, 2006
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An orange that looks to be yellow instead of orange, but reinforces that it is still the same fruit.
The Yellorange I had was fantastic!
by DogsAreOccassionallyYellow November 28, 2013

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