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One of the two great admins on Burning Horizon (BHZ) Homestar Fan Forum.

Basically the savior of the forum, taking over after the first admin took some time off.

A very fair and kind admin, who is not afraid to stand up for the rules that are in place.

A good friend.
"Don't you think yello_dello rules?" "Heck yeah!"
by potthole December 09, 2004

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Contrary to what edge says, y_d is VERY fair. She warned edge several times when he broke the rules. And, she eventually banned him. She continues to, due to his attempts to get on the site when he's banned from it. An excellent admin, second-best only to azdb7, an admin on a Yu-Gi-Oh! board.
Edge, fair warning. Do not break any more rules or risk being banned.

Edge, you've been banned, yet you keep trying to get on. Do you REALLY think I'll let you back on when you keep trying to hack your way back in?
by BHZ anakinjmt December 07, 2004