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Yee Hee- High pitched noise made familiar by Michael Jackson
Billie Jean is not my lover yee hee!
by Jaymondo December 04, 2003
Used to show excitement.
We are going to the mall!
Yee Hee!!!!!!
by You is a wanksta January 04, 2003
Something you say when your overly happy or excited
YEEHEE! i won the lottery!
by Kerryissupersexyy November 04, 2009
a word created by an old mentally insane man named Joel who hails from Tacoma Park, MD. it is used to express emotion or randomness in any situation.
Hey what's the math homework?
yeehee !

congratulations! you won a car!


hey it's chuck norris!

this water is sooo nice! yeehee!
by maggiepluskellan November 23, 2009
Accompanied by a swinging of the left arm, this is a phrase made popular by Sonja the house maid.
Yee Hee!
by CeCe Corn March 07, 2011
A sound used to express that something is less than satisfactory.

Usually accompanied by flexing the fingers into a claw like position with the palm up, and rocking the arm back and forth.
"She's got a good game, but her face is kind of yee hee."
by David Milligan November 27, 2003
a Jackass. a know it all.
" Mike your doin it all wrong. you Fuckin Yee Hee. ha ha ha " said Schmidt.
by Mattitude and mikeaholic May 03, 2003
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