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a very dedicated person who works their ass off to capture the school year in 300 pages. someone who should be respected bc he or she can and will put bad pictures of you in the yearbook if you give him or her any shit about last years yearbook or if he or she just hates you.
Person 1: Hey who's that working their ass off?

Person 2: Oh thats ______, shes the yearbook editor
by deshawna July 05, 2006
Crazy people who spend way to many late nights at the school and throw away any type of social life because they have so much yearbook shit to do. Not only do they take crap from the entire graduating class, but are requied to turn into complete monsters to get their staff to do ANYTHING! yearbook editors are completely mad people that you shod be nice to other wise they wil cut you out and then no one will reember you after highchool.
Dude I saw that yearbook editor the other day, he hadn't slpt in weeks he turned into a monster.
by john42000000 March 12, 2013
A person willing tot ake copius amounts of abuse from his or her graduating class.
"Duude.. who's that?"
"A yearbook editor.... KILL 'EM!"
by reckless rex March 23, 2003
A fucking idiot who doesn't realize that they are such a fucking idiot until they start having to give out assignments and make layouts and have no social life because there is so much yearbook shit to do. Every yearbook editor should be prepared to pull several all-nighters each week. In other words, only zombies should be yearbook editors.
Boy: I think I want to be yearbook editor.
Girl: No, you should not.
Boy: Well why not?
Girl: Ok, maybe you should since you're a total fucking idiot and yearbook editors are total fucking idiots.
by Wheel October 11, 2004