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2 definitions by Wheel

A fucking idiot who doesn't realize that they are such a fucking idiot until they start having to give out assignments and make layouts and have no social life because there is so much yearbook shit to do. Every yearbook editor should be prepared to pull several all-nighters each week. In other words, only zombies should be yearbook editors.
Boy: I think I want to be yearbook editor.
Girl: No, you should not.
Boy: Well why not?
Girl: Ok, maybe you should since you're a total fucking idiot and yearbook editors are total fucking idiots.
by Wheel October 11, 2004
37 66
The best state in the world. Unfortunately the only city with anything worth seeing is Columbia, the capital. Hilton Head is nice too, but Greenville especially is full of stupid rednecks. Cameran from the Real World San Diego is from Anderson, and although she is slightly a redneck, she is hot!
Wow, I really would like to go to South Carolina, but I am scared that some crazy mountain redneck people from Greenville will run down from the hills and attack me, so I probably will just stay home.
by Wheel October 11, 2004
49 153