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Sarcastic way of saying you've heard enough of someone, usually their excuses. They need to get to the point or just shut up.
- "... and then I had to stop and get gas, and the traffic ..."
- "Yeah yeah, you're late."
by Coell December 19, 2005
To get pumped or excited for an important day or event.
Yeah yeah, we made it through graduation.
by Shaky March 27, 2004
Yeah Yeah is a sign that the person does not care or give 2 shits. It's an arrogant saying but it is very sweet to say to someone.
"Yeah Yeah, Suck It Queerbait!!" Matty Dangles

"Yeah?!.....Yeah!?....SUCK IT!!!"

"Yeah Yeah, you're a fag!" DS
by P. Benz November 17, 2005
Orignated by the Roseville 5 and spread from there, slang for something going wrong in and saying it in extremely sarcastic way.
If you spill your milk all over yourself. YEAH YEAH!! also adds to the sarcasm if you say... YEAH YEAH, thats, what i love.
by Matt August 27, 2004
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