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What happens when someone says yes to something without thinking and then realizes they actually don't agree with whatever was said to them.

Occurs frequently if the person is not thinking, or if they almost reveal a secret but stop themselves at the last second.
'Are you in love with him?'

'YeNO! Why would you think that?'
by ranmizu January 12, 2009
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A word unknown to man. First heard being said by Isaac for absolutely no reason. Use with caution, for this word could mean something catostrophic.
by Sean McGeezer February 13, 2003
5 1
It is the combination of the words yes and no.
Person One: did you take the last cookie yes or no.
Person Two: Yenos.
by CANINE March 01, 2008
5 3
this word means abosolutly nothing..nothing at all..its just a retarded word that a retard made up...its pointless and stupid..
issac came up with this retarded non word word....
by pseudonym December 14, 2004
3 6