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Attention-Seeking Douche Disorder. A condition in which someone openly diagnoses themselves with a known affliction, such as ADD or OCD, to feel cool.
'I have to have things in order because I have OCD.'

'Pfff. ASDD!!'
by ranmizu January 11, 2009
What happens when someone says yes to something without thinking and then realizes they actually don't agree with whatever was said to them.

Occurs frequently if the person is not thinking, or if they almost reveal a secret but stop themselves at the last second.
'Are you in love with him?'

'YeNO! Why would you think that?'
by ranmizu January 12, 2009
A mumbled phrase, usually used by elderly Slovenian women in response to excessive nagging or complaining. Can be repeated multiple times for added affect.
"Oh budada budada budada."
by ranmizu December 27, 2008
When a picture (particularly a work of art) is scanned, only to look like crap on the computer.
This looks way better in person, but it was scanraped when I scanned it into Photoshop.
by ranmizu October 24, 2009

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