A game of masterbrains that takes more skill than luck! All you need to perform is five dice, a yatzee pad and a friend (sooon to be an ex-friend...). You get three throws, and try to get things like "three of a kind", "full house", "straight" and so on. The best thing you can get is "YATZEE" (correct, same as the name of the game) when all five dice are showing the same thing. For this you get the incredible 50 points (!!) and for a short second, you catch a glimpse of heaven...
YEEES I GOT A YATZEE! Now nothing can stop me!!!
by Johanna Ottosson May 29, 2007
Top Definition
Response to a fortunate event or occurrence. Similar to "kudos," but not said directly to someone, just in the heat of the moment.
-4guys watching football, the ball is in the air and just as it is caught in the end zone-


by Phil Hogans March 15, 2008
a word that stand for guys masturbation, other forms of this term are jerking, jacking off.
I got lonely so I played yatzee
by phil666cum April 11, 2010
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