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Japanese for 'slut'. Most likely derived from yaru, to give, and manko, the vagina.Very loosely translated, it's a 'generous pussy.'
Kitane yariman, korosuzo!
You dirty whore, I'll kill you!
by The Second August 16, 2004
Crude way of saying "slut" in Japanese. Only used to describe girls.

"yari" comes from the verb "yaru" when is used to mean "play" and "man" is short for manko which is a derogatory way to say "pussy" in Japanese.

Basically it means a girl has or is a "playing around pussy"

There are not many BAD bad words in Japanese but this one will make even the most liberal Japanese cringe.
"kanojo ha chou yariman dayo" - She's a total slut.
by PP Tokyo July 15, 2009
a woman who easily have sex with men
yariman bitch
by heyyoucomeon January 20, 2015
japanese word for "bitch"
Kanakowa hontoni yariman desune.
Hai, So desuyo.
by sascha spiegel (Ganshaman) February 11, 2004

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