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Yarilis is a very unique girl . They fall down so many times but get back up . There beautiful too. Not only because of looks. Something more . Not something temporary as looks. Cause deep down , she was beautiful . She's very funny .
She's one of the funniest people ! There also so cute. They laugh alot & smile . She has a good taste in music & is very poetic . Shes talented too.
& shy but once you get to know her she's so awesome! She's very down to earth. But random too!
Never let go of a Yarilis..Shes diffrent. But don't push her buttons , she believes in revenge.
Yarilis is so awesome! Don't let her go!

Who's that girl up there singing? I don't know but she HAS to be a Yarilis!
by anonymousheart December 29, 2013
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