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the turkish word for penis.You can call it people without them knowing what the fuck you are on about.
"e.g. What a large yarak"

"what the fuck are you on mate!

"take it as a compliement"

"Fuck You dick i am not ur friend anymore cuz u called me a yarak"
by shazzelle May 27, 2007
Penis in turkish.

Possibly a word most likely to be used by hormone crased teen boy thinking it's asolutely hilarious to walk around telling people they have small yaraks.

Or by a turkish sex education teacher.. >:)!!!!
Horny teen: "Dude, you have the smallest yarak I have ever seen!"
Small yarak fulla: "Shutup!! It's not my fault I was born with an abnormally small yarak!"
by Jessikahahah January 06, 2010
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