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1. One who derives great pleasure in the failings of the New York Yankees and feels sickened by their successes; (2) the opposite of one who roots for the New York Yankees.
In Boston, almost everyone is a Red Sox fan and a Yankeeshater.
by Michael Moorby December 23, 2003
One who believes that Jeter Swallows, one who will never give up on the Red Sox, one who holds nothing but hatred towards the New York Yankees.
If you are a Boston Red Sox fan, you are a yankeeshater.
by Scott Colantropo April 25, 2004
one who is more worried about the yankees losing then then whats going on with thier favorite team these people tend to be mets and red sox fans
the yankeeshater must be happy cause the red sox just cremed the yankees today 14-3
by .07 June 16, 2007
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