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A name given to a very gorgeous sweet girl. She's a very kind and a very beautiful girl. She's not like anyone else you will ever meet. She always puts other's needs ahead of hers and has the power to insistently make everything better. She is always positive and can put a smile on anybody's face. For a Yana the sky is not the limit, there is no limit at all for a Yana. She likes to make dreams and push herself until she makes those dreams a reality. A Yana is the type of girl that you can look at for the first time and know that she is probably "The One." She is an amazing cook, and is great around children. She would make a great mom and wife one day. If you have ever met a Yana in your life make sure you never let her go, because a girl like her only comes around once in a lifetime.
Person 1: Bro your gf bakes the best food. She's so nice and happy all the time, how did you get so lucky?!

Person 2: I know man, she's a Yana.
by Wronghander234 January 07, 2012
A beautiful name ment for something beautiful, usually a girl with a big booty and a nice figure, as well as a beautiful face. the name is also used to describe a stong desire
That girl Yana is gorgoues, i want to go out with her
by Noi June 05, 2006
You Are Not Alone. Used to express agreement with an unpopular opinion. Originates from Professor Yana (whose name is actually an acronym) in the Doctor Who episode "Utopia".
Who Fan 1: Am I the only person who thought the whole "Tinkerbell Jesus" thing in "Last of the Time Lords" was actually completely appropriate?
Who Fan 2: YANA. I liked it too.
by EmberKeelty May 17, 2009
A pixie-like frolicking creature known to be mischievous. A chameleon by trait. And is wildly rambunctious when provoked…or unprovoked. She is feisty and tenacious! And has an affinity for scarves, latchkey kittens, disabled and old people, and anything stray. Wildly beautiful (and secretively affectionate).
"Did that girl just lick a balloon?" "It's cool, she's a Yana."
by WhiskeyKitten August 20, 2008
A more common definition of "yana" is used when describing an overweight woman who believes she is attractive or presentable in any sense of either word. Yanas usually have large, semi-deformed noses and force their fathers to take "sexy" photographs of them.
"She's such a yana. She thinks she's hot because her father says she's beautiful."

"Isn't she the one who has a huge penis nose and weighs 180lbs?"

by Sasquatsch September 14, 2006
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