the word can mean okay too
yallah samy, see ya on monday
which means : okay samy, see ya on monday
by blitzz September 04, 2007
Top Definition
Arabic word for come on! or Let's Go! Used by people who have lived in the arab world in any contact.
Yallah, let's go!
Yallah, I'm waiting!
Ok, I'll talk to you later. Yallah, bye.
by aline August 07, 2003
Hurry up
Lets go
Come on

* may also be spelled, Yalla.
To use it as "Yallah, let's go" would be invalid as Yallah means lets go.

You could use it this way;

"Yallah (name/nickname of person you are speaking to) _____"
or simply; "Yallah!"
by Levantine Princess April 01, 2010
"Let's go," or, "Hurry up," or, "Ready?" Generally said when you're about to go somewhere and are waiting on another person.
She picked up her car keys and looked down at her brother, who had his shoes on but was still sitting in front of the TV.

"Y'allah?" she said. He hopped up and turned off the TV. "Yep, you drive."
by habeebti July 05, 2009
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