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Arabic word for come on! or Let's Go! Used by people who have lived in the arab world in any contact.
Yallah, let's go!
Yallah, I'm waiting!
Ok, I'll talk to you later. Yallah, bye.
by aline August 07, 2003
the entity who dwells in one's toilet and steals the turd before one has a chance to check it out before flushing
you've just plopped this massive log in the john; you stand up, turn around and look down to behold your achievement and ... the damn turd burglar already swiped your poop ... there's nothing in the shallow water.
by aline November 17, 2003
usually knee deep in shit...big trouble
Dude, I'm knee deep in shit!
by Aline October 31, 2003
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