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"Yalla" is an Arabic word which is the equivalent of "come on," "let's go," "hurry up," etc, etc.

In modern Arabic, many young people say, "Yalla bye" when saying good-bye to each other. There is no direct translation for it, but it means something along the lines of, "Alright, bye." The word "bye" just comes from the English word.

Israelis have picked up this phrase from Palestinian Arabic speakers and have also incorporated this phrase into everyday Hebrew.
Hey, it was nice seeing you today, maybe I'll see you later on. Yalla bye!
by yafyoofa November 09, 2010
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A term that is commonly used in the Arab world when saying good bye to someone. The term can be used whenever you feel like it.

Mark: Hey i'm leaving
Clark: Ok yallabye!

Mark: shouldn't you leave now?
Clark: Yes, Yallabye
by SvK April 19, 2009
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In Hebrew, a combination of the Arabic word yalla means "let's go, hurry up" and of the English word bye means "see you later". This combination is used as a farewell expression (usually when you are in a hurry). Sounds like "OK must go, catch you later"
a: So, this was a nice game, ha?
b: ye!
a: OK, yalla bye
by yuval March 21, 2005
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A word used by many Chaldeans in Michigan or California. Means see you later or bye for now.
Person 1: HA Cousin
Person 2:I have to go cousin
Person 1: Ok Yalla Bye BRO!
by CousinHabib April 09, 2013
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