Arabic for "let's go." Sometimes used in the context of "hurry!"
"yalla, I've been waiting for you for half an hour."
by Dan June 10, 2004
1) A very popular term originating from Arabic meaning "Hurry up" or "Come on".

2) Can also be used as "all right" in some cases (usually while coming to a mutual agreement).

3) Pronunciation: the Y is said like any other Y. the two A's are pronounced like the letter 'U' in the word "Blunt". The L's are prolonged and are said by placing the tip of the tongue on the middle of the roof of your mouth (Like the French 'L').
1) Yalla let's go we're late!

2) Yalla bye.

3) *

by FadieZ December 11, 2006
In fact yalla is an arabic term and it consists of two words:
1. Ya which is like a preposition usually used to call someone else.
2. Allah, which means God.
Actually, yalla has too many usages like acceptannce, confirmation, urgency and many other meanings.
Yalla imshi : let's go
Yalla jayi : I am coming
Yalla wlow : Hurry up
and so on...
by Amine Janbein August 15, 2007
arabic term...used as a HURRY UP WORD
yalla fagget were late
yalla! get ur ass up
by Adam February 26, 2005
A Lebanese expression used to describe oneself when giving in or being persuaded to an agreement.
LEBANESE SALESMAN: My final price is $55k for the fully loaded Bimmer. Leave it or take it.

LEBANESE BUYER: Yalla, I'll take it. But it must be black on black.
by J-BAD October 31, 2006
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