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a russian dude who comes in your house and eats everything and has no manners
Fag 1"I let this guy in my house and ate everything in my house..."

Fag 2"What a yakoob."
by TorinPerryclear February 15, 2010
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An aggressive russian guy who eats everything if you let him in your house and thinks everything he does is cool and is a SASquatch
Yakoob "Hey can i eat all of your food"
Kid "No"
Yakoob (punches you) "too bad" (eats all the food)
by sahgfah March 07, 2010
A russian dude who is very rude and mean( DJ ) eats like a beast and rarely on occasion is full and is also VERY AGRESSIVE
"Jacob came to my house and eat all my food and put his hands down his pants and rubbed it on my face."

by asjdioas May 23, 2010

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