The heavenly creature that flies across the sky in it's magic kayak. Every year, it will pop out of your bath-hole on Shaving Yak Day. Be sure to leave some shaving cream by your sink. If you are lucky, he might leave you a surprise.
"GASP! The Shaving Yak left me shavng-scum!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
Means "ONE" in the Afghan dialect Pashto. Used to replace "one" as in "one love". Mainly used by veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom....the cool ones anyway.
Guy 1: "Yo man I'll catch ya'll later, Yak"
Guy 2: "Yak"
by Sarge1999 July 25, 2006
1. To talk most indefinitely
2. To reveal one's lunch after eating.
3. The designation of plane types for the Yakovlev company, a Russian plane designer.
1. Marlene been yakking with her friends in class for the past hour!
2. Billy just yakked all over the floor!
3. The Yakovlev air wing designs planes with the designation Yak-#.
by Boosher May 20, 2005
A hot drummer, n hes all mine!! :D
Yak, is so hot!! and he looves me! oh and blink 182, then again, who doesnt
by Yaks lover December 17, 2004
another word for high quality gatorade i dont know where it originated, but i always say pass me the yak.
During the football game, i said, "pass me the yak." of course, referring to the gatorade.
by wade October 27, 2004
as in having a slow drip phenomenon
why is it when you YAK your eye's start to burn then tear?
by sean long beach November 11, 2003
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