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The sacred name of God, not to be taken in vain, and must be respected.
Seen in the word Hallelujah (Praise to Yah).
Note: The god of the Muslims is a demon, and is NOT Yahweh.
Yahweh is my God, and he is the Creator.
by Mango April 09, 2005
A possible pronunciation of YHWH, the Hebrew word for the name of God.

See Jehovah, YHWH/YHVH
no example
by DavidusPrimus February 18, 2004
In the Hebrew Bible, "Yahweh" is the personal name of The Creator.
The NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE uses the name "Yahweh" throughout the Old Testament.
by L.E. Yah March 04, 2009
According to Christians and Jews, the ruler of the universe. Probably from Sumerian ''î-âh'', "I create".
I am a Christian and I believe in Yahweh, I believe that he is the one true god, and I encourage you to, as well. But don't be offended.
by Knighshade July 11, 2004
English version of the Hebrew word YHWH, which translates into 'I am'. Jews refer to their God as Yahweh, is the same god that Christians and Muslims believe in.

see God/Allah/Jesus/YHWH
If you are writing the Torah, and misspell Yahweh, the Torah needs to be ceremoniously buried.
by Hewitt McGrill August 16, 2004
Yahweh is LOVE!
JOHN 3:8,
He who does not love,
does not know Yahweh,
by Jess Dawn Donmie May 20, 2009
Unbelievably awesome or righteous
that was yahweh
by joykiller13t March 09, 2009
The name of God in hebrew.
-the themesong, similar to Yahoo, in Bruce Almighty
by Dave April 04, 2004