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(n) Breasts of a female human, especially those of a larger variety
"She has YABOS that would make a trappist monk scream yahoo."
by Joseph November 28, 2003
107 40
dani: i like your dress
allison: thank you
dani: of course i dont have the yabos to wear it. My brother loves yabos, he really likes yours.
Allison: he does, does he?
by miss peeniz biznatch November 08, 2003
255 84
Big Beautiful Boobs
That chick has awesome yabos.
by venessa April 15, 2005
72 30
An Australian Redneck
That skank ass aussie called me a yank! Friggin' outback trashy ass yabo!
by Bubba from Bama January 07, 2008
49 26
A name for womens' breasts, e.g. hooters, knockers, etc.
Sally has the finest set of yabos I've ever seen.
by mero February 04, 2003
40 24
A woman's pectorial area.

OFten misspelled yabos. Used mostly in the UK.
That chick has some nice yaboes!
by Bartsoe June 12, 2006
11 6
Abbreviation for "Ya-boi" or "Ya-boy"
Guy 1 : YA-BO!
Guy 2 : Dude, why would you abbreviate that, it's only

1 letter...
Guy 1 : Yeah, but it sounds cooler.
by Chetwen May 30, 2010
4 2