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Pronouced "yay-oh" It is used to describe complete failure. Team ya0 was an old Counter-Strike team, who in five season of CAL-open managed only seven wins five of which were won by forfiet. The team named themselves after a player in a public server with an impressive record of -4 and 14. The teams most impressive display of their total lack of skill occured in the summer of 2003 in Dallas Texas where ya0 competed in the CPL. They lost 13-0 in the first round to Steel Breeze. So the next time you suck at life dont get down, just give a good ya00000000000000000000000!!!
You fail your calculus test and someone asks you how it went. You simply reply with "ya0000000000000000000000000!"
by Michael Kirby March 07, 2005
Slang term used for "cocaine"
Sniffin' some yayo.
by Suzanna Simeone June 22, 2005

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