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1.) Quite possibly the worst song in the history of music. Its music video features a video game character coming to life and following Soulja Boy and his friend Arab around as they exclaim "Ya trick ya" at a number of Caucasians trying to get their attention. The video concludes with Soulja Boy requesting his teacher to increase the grades on his report.

2.) An exclamation used when "a doo-doo headed dummy" is getting "all up in yo grill."
Bill: Hi, Soulja Boy. I'm your parole officer.
Soulja Boy: YA TRICK YA!!!

Rational person: Soulja Boy looks like an idiot. He isn't even saying real words.
Soulja Boy: YA TRICK YA!!!
by Jarvis Nelson III February 10, 2008
1.) A phrase, started by Soulja Boy, in which you yell at random people who are bothering you.

2.) A exclamation of "Leave me alone!"
Teacher: You got an F on your test.
Soulja Boy: YA TRICK YA!
by Cucumbah April 28, 2008
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