An acronym used to say either Peace, or See You Later
Kenny: Yo man see you later.
Hanish: Aight yo, Y.
by Kariobean May 01, 2009
The heart of hot, and the crest of cool.

1. At any given time, someone or something can be designated 'y.' No one can designate themselves 'y.' No person retains 'y' status permanently but some things can.

2. An uppercase 'Y' can be used to signal emphasis but 'y' in its common lowercase form retains the strongest value and meaning.

3. The use of adverbs should be kept to a minimum when using 'y' so as not to distract from its value and meaning. Additionally, 'y' should not be combined to phonetically complete other words and/or phrases.

4. The opposite of 'y' is 'not y.'
"You're lookin' so y right now."
by Y in Philadelphia August 09, 2008
A person bearing the Y chromosome, otherwise defined as male. Can be used as a stealthy label to discuss a present male without him knowing about it. This term is not often used by straight females to discuss males, and never used by males to discuss other males.
"Is that Y bothering you? I'll rip his balls of and shove them down his throat if he looks at you one more time."
by Aye Nonny Mous September 17, 2006
Y stands for preved (An Internet term and the biggest ever flashmob in the history of russian Internet community) because of its similarity to the figure ("medved") from the well known picture, originally drawn by John Lurie. The drawing was altered in a minor way by replacing the word "surprise!" with the word "preved!" (by its russian spelling, of course) Actually, it was Medved (a bear) who said "preved" to a couple of people having sex in the wood.
Y - znachit PREVED!
(In english it'll be "Y for PREVED!" - Russian humorous interpretation of the movie title "V for Vendetta")
by Negator August 29, 2006
An attractive girl. Y means "yes" you would have sex with her. The opposite of an N.
I was at the Gas Lite last night at it was crawling with Y's! I couldn't believe it!
by Reetz December 04, 2010
Truly the last word in the urban dictionary. so there.
Hey, did you know that ÿ is the last word in the urban dictionary?
by andrew83 July 31, 2006
Y or the Y oral sex
I'm going to eat at the "Y" tonight.
by Uimn November 23, 2007

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