"xX" is short for "courtland" a gospel rap artist from Louisiana.
xX is a minister of the gospel of Christ Jesus The Lord.
x = Christ
X = everlasting
also: in Mathematics the variable "X" is an unknown number
(who knows how many people/nations truly inhabit the body of Christ)... jus' something to wonder about.
in my own words:"x" also relates to mE as giving God all the glory and never seeking credit for anything He has done.
God bless

by courtland barrington January 31, 2008
An expression used in chat and message boards to mean you are exasperated with someone.
John: I am 1337!
Jake: X.X
by Zach Kline February 03, 2004
Something every girl says. If she says it to you, you're not special, she doesn't fancy you, shut up.
Tom : Hiiiiiiiii :D:D HI
Mel: hi do i know u...
Tom: HOW ARE U !
Mel: Im ok soz g2g bye xx
(Mel signs out, or blocks tom)
Tom (to other friend) HIIII MAN MEL JUST SAID "xx" TO ME!
friend: And?
friend: No she doesnt shut youre mouth.
by CcbLOL November 21, 2009
The downgraded form of "XXX" (Sex) and the upgraded version of "X" (Boner).

XX is used to signify a place of masturbation, either in circles or in private sessions.
1: Hey, that sign says "XX"! Wanna go there tonight?
2: Yeah, I'll bring a few friends along.

1: Sweet! We're gonna have a wild time.
by Sethious December 08, 2013
Beer,and alcohol, such as the brand XX (Dos Equis), means 2 x's in spanish.
by Matt C. October 31, 2003
In shorthand 2-D fighting game notation, this stands for "cross up" or "cancel". A cross up is a move wherein the fighter launches an aerial attack that flies just over his opponent's head and clips him on the neck. Sometimes called a "neck hit". Quite effective but a little tricky to do. A cancel is a move that a fighter launches before a previous move is over.
M Bison can use a good cancel in the combo: Lv2 Knee Press Nightmare XX Fierce Psycho Crusher

Geese Howard can chain a good cancel in the combo: Crossup Jumping Forward, Standing Short x2, Standing/Crouching Fierce XX Deadly Rave (before last hit), Standing Short, Standing Fierce, Forward Jai-i-ken.

Scary, isn't it?
by HMB July 05, 2004
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