The ORIGINAL X Factor. People on Xtreme are the sickest of sicknasty. They also respond to the name Sigma Fackers NAF's. Xtreme is xtreme to the 5th degree. They often use expressions like noice and croicky in Austrailian accents. It is tradition to vandalize yeards late at night with toilet paper(but of course xtremers remove the cardboard roll). Xtreme cannot be defined in english or any language for that matter because to define xtreme you must use at least 60% of your brain,which is not possible, therefore understanding Xtreme is not possible for humans since a human only 20% of their brain. They often say their names backwards and wear black and lime green attire. When xtrememers are out to play make sure you lock up your kids.
Juan: who are those extremely naf-o-licious girls?
Random Bystander: you mean XTREME?.....noiceee
by xtremesigmafackernafs April 05, 2011
The coolest way of writing extreme. Substituting x for ex is very cool Note: other such substitutions include K for C and Ph for f or F for Ph
xtreme949, see isn't this name cool.
by Bonus Onus January 31, 2004
Something of the ‘Holy Shit’ factor; usually extreme.
person a: dude, that wheelie was X-TREME.
by s. spencer March 04, 2008
(1) A sly way of implying that one is on ecstacy. (2) Any cool actions one completes while on ecstacy.
Sarah: I'm rolling dick on these pills!
Anna: Yeah, this is pretty Xtreme.
by Nikkar November 22, 2005
Something one says when excited or something is exciting...
"It's Xtreme! Stick it in your face hole!.."
by Jupi February 21, 2003
The 4 man Kliq that live around The Western suburbs,also referred to the as the AWA (Arab/Assyrian/American-Australian with attitude).
by Death13 June 12, 2003
Xtreme: The most stupid person on irc. Big bender who is a Prick. Spoilt little Bastard
Xtreme: I rule
Fil11: No you suck dog penis
Xtreme: I am fat
Film11: Yes you are!
by Film11 October 17, 2004

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