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1. a chinese string musical instrument
2. the most wonderful, kind hearted, sexy and amazing girl you will ever meet in your entire life. she's into fashion, books and the internet. she loves being in love and hates being rejected. she doesn't drink, nor does she smoke. she's smart and funny and she loves to laugh with the people she cares about. she can be deeply emotional over matters of the heart. she hates leading guys on so when she turns you down, it's final.
another term for PERFECT; also often quite interchanged with "APHRODITE," the greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.

boy1: does the orchestra have a xeng?
boy2: i don't think so.but i guess they have a harp.


boy1: that girl is perfect!
boy2: you bet! she's such a xeng!
#perfect #aphrodite #girl #awesome #amazing
by wiix May 14, 2010
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