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An anti-cheat software used in the Free-2-play FPS game 'Crossfire', and few other games. Originally called "X-Trap", but referred to as "X-Crap" because it's so shitty that you when get disconnected from server, it bans you from the game for 3 minutes. And in the recent weeks it started banning players for more than 1 hour for absolute no reason at all.
Don't play Crossfire! It's a slowly-dying game that runs under the shitty anti-cheat software X-Crap.
by RIP-CF February 23, 2015
XCRAP is reffering to anything Xbox.... Replace Xbox with XCRAP....
Xbox are crap! Let's call it XCRAP!
by CoolPrizes4Free July 30, 2008
You say all these names that X-Box should have been called... make up your mind, pindickhead.
Sony Roolz's mom's name is X-Crap.
by Republican Nazi September 29, 2003
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