A wide spread epidemic which is leading to teenagers sitting in there damn houses all frigin day playing this amzaing console. It is the devil and i believe america will continue to get fatter if all these super sweet systems come out.
Friend: What are you doing today after school?

You: Well guy i just got xbox 360 and xbox live hooked up and im gonna go home and pwn some people on call of duty 2.

Friend: Are you sure you dont want to leave your house. I mean its only been 5 1/2 months since you came outside.

You: Yeah im good.
by Haywood J Blowme October 24, 2006
The most amazing console ever. Totally put the beatdown on the sucktacular PS3. Also has fantastic online play. It has been known to greatly increase sex appeal.
Stupid guy: d00d i t0t411y g07 a p53 and n0w 1m s0 k3wl
Smart guy: STFU, nub. Get a real console. *holds up Xbox 360*
by lawlstothewall September 18, 2007
The xbox 360 is just an xbox with better graphics. It will fail miserablly and will once again succumb to Sony's Playstation series. The controllers suck because they aren't configured with any regard to the player's natural hold. It will again not produce enough games to even rival PS3. People just buy this console because they can't wait to save up enough money to purchase a PS3, they have a false belief that American products are of better quality than Japanese products, and lastly, these fools just have to have Halo 3.
The only reason I would buy a crap console such as Xbox 360 is to sell it on Ebay at a higher price to mindless idiots.
by Beaux December 23, 2006
A Superhigh next generation console, successor to the Xbox 359. You will also need to be earning a 12 figure salary to even afford one.
Yapstarr: You seen those new Xbox 360's?
Shorty P: As if, i only just got an Xbox 359 a few months ago.
by Yapstarr November 28, 2006
we all know its the best system out there because teh graphics are godly and it isnt 700 fucking dollars like the PS3. Even though it is the best system in terms of gaming, it breaks so damn easily that i turned it on and it broke. I though i got lucky when i bought one of the first xbox 360s that were all glitchy and mine didnt freeze, but then it broke a few months before my warranty expired. THANK GOD FOR THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY!
I had an xbox 360 and it was the best gaming system ever...and then it broke after 9 months. It was gay.
by an xbox 360 fan November 08, 2006
Microsofts next gen system, that will be nothing compared to PS3 and the rev or wii...

in other words, a way for microsoft to sell Halo 3 for $400.
Joe: im gonna get halo 3, its a great game and only 50 dollars....
Fred: but u have to get a x-box 360 first...
Joe: oh yea, that means i have to spend $400...
by pachu June 05, 2006
The Next generation game platform for the X-Box. The graphics look only slightly better then The X-Box (Unlike the PS3 which takes graphics to the boundarys of games. Gameplay looks like a freaking CG movie!!) but the X-Box 360 has more features than the PS3, but anyone that saw the Killzone 2 trailor would agree, PS3 takes the cake.
(BTW, I know that the Killzone Trailor wasn't really on the PS3, but it is what it will look like)
X-Box 360 will push gaming to a new level, but the PS3 will push it even further, and no one really knows about the Revolution, so I'm not saying anything about Nintendo.
by The True Spikes July 29, 2005
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