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we all know its the best system out there because teh graphics are godly and it isnt 700 fucking dollars like the PS3. Even though it is the best system in terms of gaming, it breaks so damn easily that i turned it on and it broke. I though i got lucky when i bought one of the first xbox 360s that were all glitchy and mine didnt freeze, but then it broke a few months before my warranty expired. THANK GOD FOR THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY!
I had an xbox 360 and it was the best gaming system ever...and then it broke after 9 months. It was gay.
by an xbox 360 fan November 08, 2006
The Next generation game platform for the X-Box. The graphics look only slightly better then The X-Box (Unlike the PS3 which takes graphics to the boundarys of games. Gameplay looks like a freaking CG movie!!) but the X-Box 360 has more features than the PS3, but anyone that saw the Killzone 2 trailor would agree, PS3 takes the cake.
(BTW, I know that the Killzone Trailor wasn't really on the PS3, but it is what it will look like)
X-Box 360 will push gaming to a new level, but the PS3 will push it even further, and no one really knows about the Revolution, so I'm not saying anything about Nintendo.
by The True Spikes July 29, 2005
the system that due to its first appearance on the market as of november will outsell both the PS3 and the Nintendo reveloution. While it will sell more like the DS did to the PSP it will eventually end up the lesser system and fall behind in sales in years to come in the console wars. Originally called the Xenon
Pimp Poser: Yo son you gotta' check out the X-Box 360, it be tight.

posers mangina: but it will suck later do you concur?

Pimp Poser: Bitch did you just contradict me (slap! slap!) im right you're wrong now go make money ho!
by The Nispe August 01, 2005
The most amazing console ever. Totally put the beatdown on the sucktacular PS3. Also has fantastic online play. It has been known to greatly increase sex appeal.
Stupid guy: d00d i t0t411y g07 a p53 and n0w 1m s0 k3wl
Smart guy: STFU, nub. Get a real console. *holds up Xbox 360*
by lawlstothewall September 18, 2007
The Xbox 360 was the first next-gen console to appear, but it could not take full advantage of this head-start. Despite appearing in 2005, it has so far failed to gain massive support - mostly thanks to an unspectacular set of games. Now it seems doomed to fall behind thanks to the sheer power of the PS3 (MGS 4, anyone?) and the supreme originality of the Wii. Halo 3 might prolong its life thanks to fanboys, but Sony and Nintendo are already set to rule the next-gen war in 2007.
'Okay, we've got Dead Rising... and Halo 3, when that comes out... and lots of PS2 games that are prettier on the X-box 360 than on the PS2.'
'Yeah, but... the PS3 has MGS 4. And just look at the Wii's controller.'
'Damn. We're screwed. Still, I can't wait for MGS 4...'
by madmurch September 19, 2006
The best fucking machine ever invented, after the computer.
John- "I would rather play my Xbox 360 that have sex with Carmen Electra!"

Ralph- "Not sure I would do that, buddy."
by DGlaze April 11, 2007
The successor to Microsoft's Xbox. Set to be released this November, will be the first next-gen console out on the market.

Also commonly known as Xbox 1.5
Microsoft seems to think that being the first console out will make them the winner in the next-gen console wars, but it takes more than just being the first out the door to be proclaimed the winner (just look at what happened to the Dreamcast).

Judging by what has been seen so far, many people have been left less than impressed. They're gonna learn the hard way what it means to be Sony's bitch. Sony will crush them like little punk ass roaches.
by I forget May 15, 2005