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1. a deep dark slimy fart that slithers out of your butt hole with such force it usually disturbs every one around you. then after this whole ordeal you stand up and the force of the hard fart has ripped a hole in your pants and underwear and left your butt cheeks a dark brown/green color.

2. the type of people (usually homeless and or an extremely disturbed individual with homosexual demons) that you will see waiting in dark ally ways, waiting to subdue you and slide your pants off and then stick his 2 to 3 inch penis in your fudge hole. but the penetration of your anus will leave you wondering "is it in yet?"
1. jeff let out such a forceful xIegionx that the majority of the back of his pants where completely disintegrated.

2. i took a short cut home through the dark ally way but i was ambushed by a group of xIegionx's. as they each took their turn sodomizing me i couldn't help but wonder if it was in yet as each new xIegionx took his turn porking me.
by xIegionx June 20, 2011

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