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Probably the best Gaming Commentator on Youtube. Known for his life commentaries since CoD 4. He's holding a 4 KD while using shitty weapons like the Brolympia in Black Ops. Furthermore he was the first one doing the RTC.
Person A : Did you see xCalizorz worldrank in domination?
by Hucketuck June 21, 2011
xCalizorz (also known as xcal) is a person on Youtube who plays video games and does corresponding commentary.
He hates anyone with an IQ over 80, can't stand people asking questions about his style of gaming, and generally feels threatened by anyone who is even moderately intelligent.
Person 1: "Hey, remember that xCalizorz guy on youtube?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I unsubscribed to him after he blocked my friend for saying that he liked his channel."
Person 1: "Oh... wow, what an asshole."
by NotASinglePerson October 14, 2012
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