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An elaboration of the popular :3 emoticon. Also featured in Anime, x3 describes an extatic or cheeky 'cute' character. The 'x' depicts eyes tightly scrunched together.

In internet chatter, x3 is often used as a youthemism to describe one's playfull or joking intentions.
"I has teh bukkit x3", "Can I come play? x3", "Kawaii~ x3"
by Tehsparx January 30, 2009
Such as '=3' only, more used. Many people use this on pixel forums. It also can be used as "xD" but, a cuter laugh.
Person 1: !!!!! Look! A muffin is walking! O__O
Person 2: x3
by xstephee April 10, 2006
A powerful Herbal Incense. Like K2 or Spice
Man that x3 aroma is strong!
by jwhban December 01, 2010
X3 is a tag used by Sureños, symbolizing 13 (their gang symbol). X3 is the only Sureño tag that combines roman numerals and arabic.

Other alternatives to X3 are : 13 and XIII
look at george w/ his Dodgers cap and X3 tat
by Onski October 26, 2006
Any gang that has the x3 is controlled by the MEXICAN MAFIA
such as MSX3 SSLX3 SURX3
by SpOoKkY January 23, 2008
A term often sprayed or tatt'd by latino gangsters to mean 13 making use of both arabic and roman numerals. 13 is significant to gangs like Mexican Mafia who use 'trece' as a term of respect and because M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet.
if a tattoo were to read: NORTENO X3
by operativechu May 01, 2006
a big smoochy kiss for YOU
give me some x3ing will ya?
by abbieann June 03, 2005
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