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X-Games is like the Olympics of action sports. Only the best make it and have a shot at the gold. X Game events include Freestyle MX, Skateboarding Best Trick, MX best trick, BMX and skateboard Big Air, street skating, surfing, Moto X step Up,Rallie Car Racing, BMX vert and park, and Supermoto. Some X Game hereos are Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Tony Hawk, Brian Deegan, and Shawn White. X Games has a 13 year history and plays on ESPN every August
Hey Chelsee, wanna go watch the X-Games?
Man! I can't believe Travis Pastrana pulled off the double backflip at X Games!
by TEENY #4 November 20, 2006
In simple terms, the graduating class class of 2010.

Extended, X-Game is the group of somewhat cult/gang-like Juniors(currently) at Buena High School, which is where X-Game originated. X is the roman numeral for 10, and therefore being connected to 2010, which is why this group is called X-Game. What a fucking joke. Pretty much just a bunch of faggot-ass juniors obsessed with running around with their gay little orange bandanas, thinking they're cool, yelling "X-GAME X-GAME X-GAME". They are all loathed supremely by '09 and '11, and the partially-intelligent members of 2010. X-Game is perhaps even gayer than the class of 2012, but I highly doubt it.
Fag #1: X-GAME!



*Ass whooping proceeds.*
by Chuck Norris 69 September 19, 2008
Better known as the dope fiend Olympics, or "Special Olympics V2" by the intelligence, or lack there of, of the participants.
Moron A: Yo bra u goin 2 tha Xgamez?

Moron B: Ya bra. Smoke a lil weed do a lil skatin' and drink a whol'lotta dew!
by Hic October 08, 2004

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