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A slang term derived from a 1990's television show. Its meant to denote something as overtly "strange" or "weird."
John: look at that bug
George: man thats some X-Files shit or something
by crazydiamond986 October 11, 2007
Jimi is a code-name for marijuna derived from the late
musician Jimi Hendrix know for his consumption of Cannabis
and can be used as an over the phone code to avoid suspicion
as shown below.
John: Hey man when can I borrow that Jimi CD (do you have the weed)

George: Yea man the store had it, its 30 bucks (the dealer had it and it costs 30 bucks)

John: its a double disk right (its a big bag)

George: yea I'll bring it over (obvious)

by crazydiamond986 October 11, 2007
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