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The worst clan to ever stop face on all of roblox. Bar none. Their leader is a cheap, cheat and free model user who basically place steals. Their members are extrememly stupid. Further more they have no military training and cannot use guns if their live depended on it.
x-101st member: We will gaurd dis wit our lifez and no on will gets it.

*1 minute later...*

x-101st member: Omg nub spanwkilled me repoawted for exploiting and rubbing mah moms crab infested vagina.
by banjo007 May 15, 2009
A popular group on the online role-playing game, ROBLOX. User LordNathan created this group and which many forum users reject this group along with other more mature users of the website.
Do you want to join the x101st?
by Cosmicboy37 February 11, 2010
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