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What Would Jack Daniels Do?
When chillin around with nothing to do, you gotta ask your self WWJDD?
by skip2p November 01, 2005
WWJDD is similar to the more popular wwjd meaning 'what would jesus do',however this word uses a different name. It stands for What Would Johnny Depp Do? And is intended for all you awesome Johnny Depp fans out there that ever wonder, 'what would johnny depp do?'
Ariel-"Should I vacation in the Caribbeans this summer or Paris?"

Zoe-"idk wwjdd?"
by ihearttheadicts December 19, 2010
What Would Jae Dong Do?

A famous SC2 player who is the most awesome player in the world cursed with getting 2nd places.
"Did you see the WCS championship today?"
"Ya! I was screaming WWJDD the entire time!"
by EvilGeniuses December 09, 2013

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