White girl wasted
She got white girl WW last night!
by quirkster November 03, 2014
a nickname used by pimps for caucasian prostitutes "white women"
Pimp "i got a black bitch and three WW's"
by ace of spadez August 16, 2008
Acronym which stands for Weed Wednesday. People get together after a hard day of fulfilling their responsibilities as contributing citizens to society, and smoke marijuana.
It's Wednesday today. WW tonight at my place?
by Docta Dro May 06, 2009
Wasted Wednesday- A mid week stress release
-Dude, why were you gettin so much liq? Its tuesday.
-Tomorrow night we're having WW, wanna come?
-Is Mark Whalberg a badass? Hell yeah bro.
by CUBACUBA22 December 09, 2009
Wrong window.
When you have multiple chatrooms/chatwindows open, and by accident, you enter your text in the wrong window.
Me: No way!
He: Uhh...what?
Me: oops, ww
by MrEd June 26, 2006
White Women
Look at all of these WW's in here!
by Emagine3 January 20, 2011
1. William Wordsworth. Commonly used by teachers to abbreviate and avoid writing the entire "William Wordsworth"

2. A common typo when typing "www" for web URL's
For Explanation #1:
"OK class! Today we will be studying WW's poetry."

For Explanation #2:
by LacusClyneXHaro May 21, 2005
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