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A shit fart , the release of watery feces when one releases gas , or Snooki
Guido : Yo Yo Snooki why is my homies sheet brown.

Snooki : Ya tool after you and the other guido's ran that train on my ass I had to wurple. Yo.

Guido : Baby you can wurple in my mouth any time!

Snooki : Open up I can be your cum dumpster, an I luv's to wurple. YO.
by Punisher of the Human Language October 14, 2010
someone who is being : silly
Why are you acting wurple right now?
That is a wurple kid.
by Diego Delgadillo November 11, 2006
silly, foolish, kid-like, unserious
Why are you acting wurpleright now?
That wurple kid is farting during class.
by Diego Delgadillo November 11, 2006