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A pumpkin and a watermelon combined into one plant.
They had a wumpkin at the state fair!
I wonder what it'd taste like...
by embem July 22, 2008
A lonely Blumpkin. Masturbating while dropping the kids off at the pool.
I went in to use the gas station bathroom and the girl behind the counter was a fox, so decided I needed an efficient wumpkin to release the tension.
by nzpimpin August 25, 2005
Similar to Blumpkin and Crumpkin. The act of getting your wang sucked while deficating (shitting) while smoke some reefer (marijuana)..
Bob- Dude, you ever got a wumpkin?

Jim- Yeah man, they're insane!!

Bob- Awesome dude, I'm about to go ask my girl for me.

Jim- Great.. hope you get it.
by Ben Dover 420 April 20, 2010
when you get a blow job while playing world of warcraft
dude i got to level 70 while i was getting a wumpkin from bridget!
by funkyxfresh September 12, 2008
beautiful chris hoover
"he is a beautiful sugar wumpkin"
by sweetpotatopie06 May 02, 2005
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