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A pumpkin and a watermelon combined into one plant.
They had a wumpkin at the state fair!
I wonder what it'd taste like...
by embem July 22, 2008
14 6
Similar to Blumpkin and Crumpkin. The act of getting your wang sucked while deficating (shitting) while smoke some reefer (marijuana)..
Bob- Dude, you ever got a wumpkin?

Jim- Yeah man, they're insane!!

Bob- Awesome dude, I'm about to go ask my girl for me.

Jim- Great.. hope you get it.
by Ben Dover 420 April 20, 2010
8 8
A lonely Blumpkin. Masturbating while dropping the kids off at the pool.
I went in to use the gas station bathroom and the girl behind the counter was a fox, so decided I needed an efficient wumpkin to release the tension.
by nzpimpin August 25, 2005
10 10
when you get a blow job while playing world of warcraft
dude i got to level 70 while i was getting a wumpkin from bridget!
by funkyxfresh September 12, 2008
6 10
beautiful chris hoover
"he is a beautiful sugar wumpkin"
by sweetpotatopie06 May 02, 2005
0 16