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A wumber is an intelligent email address that can only be used by the person or business that it's given to. They are a spam prevention method. Rather than preventing spam by filtering it, a wumber does not allow an email address to be used by anybody other than the person is has been encoded for.

wumber is always written with a lower case "w" and is the the name given to the email service from which wumbers are derived. While a wumber is a users resultant email address.

A wumble is a wumber user. When a wumble uses a wumber they do so either anonymously or in a branded manner depending on the wumbles use of Custom Sender Names (CSN's) and User Vanity Names (UVN's). A Custom Sender Name allows the party for which the wumber has been derived to be known (other than a random string) while a User Vanity Name allows the owner of the wumber to be known (other than as a random string). The primary advantage in using a wumber to replace your email address is that a wumble can disconnect a single email address or curtail its use without effecting other wumbers that are owned or deployed by the wumble.
A wumber has three components the header, tail and domain. A typical wumber without a CSN or UVN is 10 random characters to identify the party that the wumber has been designated to, the word WUMBER with a full stop on each side and another 10 random characters to identify the party that owns the wumber. When a wumber is generated, it is allocated a random domain from a pool of domain names owned for this purpose. The domain names are short to aid in minimizing the over all length of the resulting wumber.
by wumber November 04, 2013