Used sometimes in conversations to point out something/someone good looking.
John: Hey, look at Jenny today...
Me: Wuff!
by Bido February 02, 2006
Top Definition
The sound a dog makes
The dog made a sound: wuff wuff
by JT September 08, 2004
Another word for wolf, or a canine.

Pronounced (w-uh-ff)

Often used by n00bs, although there are exceptions
Omg! Liek, dat ish sush a coot wuff!
by C. "Black Rose Dog" W. March 29, 2006
a really cute fun puppy way to say love...
I wuff my wolf plushies!
Another word for love
So much wuff, I wuff you, wuffer you, wuffable

Amelia: Wuff you!
Luise: I wuffer you long time!
by Lady Wuff April 11, 2011
to ignore. to leave hanging.
The Queen of Hate wuffs her subjects when they try to chat with her.
by SomeoneSomewhere1 September 14, 2010

n. chiefly British slang,

1. an onomatopoeic word for an airy release of gas from the sphincter that creates the sound 'wuffffff'. Very often has a more potent smell than other variations of anal gas, perhaps due to the presence of an imminent poo poo.

Derives from onomatopoeic development of the word guff.

adj. wuffy
"whoah man, that was one helluva wuff"

"That fart was so wuffy, i think i'm going to cry"
by Tom Bromley January 04, 2004
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