it might be 'What the real fuck'. I wrote it as typo a minute before I went to post it here. It would not be a synonym to WTFR, because WTFR feels like if you are expressing shock.
I would put it somewhere between WTF and WTBS.
(after teading article on
me: WTRF? you americans must have fucken awful media if you ever believed any of that shit.
by Dhatz April 04, 2010
Top Definition
Began as a typo in a chat room one day. An extreme version of wtf (what the fuck). The debate is still going on as to what the R stands for. Some suggestions have included Raging and Rabid.
P: They lost the package I sent you.
J: wtf.
P: Yeah, they apparently sent it to CANADA by mistake.
by Alm0nd May 11, 2008
Generally stands for 'What the royal fuck'.

A more grandiose version of "wtf" (What the fuck).

Used when "wtf" just isn't enough to express one's surprise/shock/anger etc.

Commonly suffixed with numerous exclamation marks/question marks.

Capitalisation is often used to express further surprise/shock/anger etc, but is not essential.
A. "Dude, I've just had my wang tattooed, check it out."
B. "wtrf!!!???"

A. "Dude, you should have seen the chick I nailed last night, horny as fuck"
B. "Cool, do I know her?"
A. "Yeah dude, it was your little sister."
B. "WTRF!!!!!???"
by Manx Bloke February 06, 2013
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