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Someone who uber lags in a realistic game such as Counter-Strike Source and gets pwnd during his lag spike. Before he gets pwnd, however, someone unloads a full <insert CS:S weapon> clip in his head. This is when people say WTFLAGNOOB, because they lost all their ammo.
Random CS:S player: <stands there>
AWPer: <headshots noob>
Random CS:S player: <stands there>
AWPer: WTF hax omfg <headshots again>
Random CT: I think he's being a wtflagnoob.
AWPer: <headshots again> this sucks omfg
Random CS:S player: <stands there>
AWPer: <finishes off clip> wtflagnoob

AWPer: wtf stuipd lag noob i'm so 1337
everyone: STFU!!! YOUR SO ANNOYING!!!
everyone: voteban AWPer
by WOTANWOTANWOTAN February 22, 2009
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