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What the fuck for the win.

Used when there's an obvious WTF? moment.
You: Turns out my girlfriend has a penis.

by lolcats March 04, 2008
65 6
wtf ftw stands for "what the fuck for the win".
Some users use that "word" when they are angry AND happy.
That sounds weird, and it is so too ;-)
But sometimes somebody uses that just for fun.
User Y: WoW ftw!
User X: lol...WoW ftw? xD
User Y: wtf ftw!!
User X: omg -.-"
by doenervich June 20, 2008
25 15
1:What the fuck fuck the what
2:What the fuck for the win
3: what the fuck fuck the world
n00b: n00bs FTW!
non-n00b: WTFFTW?
by sharks554 July 28, 2011
4 5
work time fun for the win
used in work places
wtfftw- work time fun for the win
by pantina June 09, 2007
4 55