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1. A marajuana cigarette; (w)reefer. 2. A person who enjoys these cigarettes. 3. An unpleasant or fiendish person. 4. A cunning or mischievous person. 5. A term of endearment. 6. A corpse in its first stages of decomposition. 7. Wrotter-ed; Wrotter-ish: Under the influence of marajuana.
1: "Do you fancy a wrotter?"
2: "Haha, you are a wrotter!"
3: "Please feck off, you wrotter!"
4: "You fiendish wrotter!"
5: "I love you, you wrotter!"
6: "Let's go dig up a wrotter!"
7: "Haha, you are wrottered!" / "Haha, I'm feeling wrotterish!"
by wrodge February 09, 2006
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